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2022-01-22 Edition : 1 Length : 400
Blockchain for Business: How it Works and Creates Value

The book focuses on the power of business blockchain. It gives an overview of blockchain in traditional business, marketing, accounting and business intelligence. The book provides a detailed working knowedge of blockchain, user cases of blockchain in business, cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering(ICO) along with the risks associated with them. The book also covers the detailed study of decentralization, mining, consensus, smart contracts, concepts and working of distributed ledgers and hyper ledgers as well as many other important concepts. It also details the security and privacy aspects of blockchain.

by : S. S. Tyagi, Shaveta Bhatia

2022-01-21 Edition : 1 Length : 472
Tax Deductions for Professionals: Pay Less to the IRS, 17th Edition

A tax deduction guide just for professionals
Keep your taxes under control! Architects, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, doctors, and other licensed professionals are subject to special tax rules. With this book, learn how to pay less to the IRS at tax time by taking advantage of the many tax deductions available to professionals.

by : Stephen Fishman J.D.

2022-01-21 Edition : 1 Length : 248
Grow Now: How We Can Save Our Health, Communities, and Planet―One Garden at a Time

Grow Now is an earth manual that applies to everyone, everywhere. Regenerating life begins with our hands, the soil, and our heart. Take this book and go outside, stay outside, and transform.” —Paul Hawken, author of Drawdown and Regeneration

by : Emily Murphy

2022-01-21 Edition : 1 Length : 231
53 Must Do Python Projects For All

This Book consist of 53 Must Do Python Projects for All Developers/Students to practice different projects and scenarios. Use these learnings in professional tasks or daily learning projects. At the end of this book, you can download all this projects by using our link. All 53 projects are divided into different modules, every project is special in its own way of performing daily task by a developer. Every project has its source codes which learners can copy and practice/use on their own systems. If there is special requirement for any projects, its already mentioned in the book.

by : Edcorner Learning

2022-01-20 Edition : 1 Length : 400
Intermittent Demand Forecasting: Context, Methods and Applications

Intermittent Demand Forecasting is for anyone who is interested in improving forecasts of intermittent demand products, and enhancing the management of inventories. Whether you are a practitioner, at the sharp end of demand planning, a software designer, a student, an academic teaching operational research or operations management courses, or a researcher in this field, we hope that the book will inspire you to rethink demand forecasting. If you do so, then you can contribute towards significant economic and environmental benefits.

by : Aris A. Syntetos, John E. Boylan

2022-01-20 Edition : 1 Length : 521
Self-Sufficiency Handbook: Your Complete Guide to a Self-Sufficient Home, Garden, and Kitchen

Whether you’re looking to adopt a greener lifestyle or wanting to go off the grid, this guide has all you need to know to boost your self-sufficiency. Worried about ever-rising fuel bills and longing for the day when you can be off-grid and independent? Anxious about the quality of the food you eat and planning to go organic? Yearning to get back to the way it was but don’t know where to start? This book will show you how to achieve the eco-friendly good life. The authors cover the ecological gamut from geothermal heating to crop rotation to soap making.

by : Alan Bridgewater, Gill Bridgewater

2022-01-17 Edition : 1 Length : 144
TypeScript for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide

Of late, TypeScript has risen in popularity owing to its ease of use and versatile compatibility. As such, more and more developers are looking to quickly and efficiently master TypeScript. If you’re looking for a detailed yet easy to comprehend guide to TypeScript, your search ends here! The book is a detailed guide that will help learners get started with TypeScript programming in no time. It talks about the basics and then moves on to practical exercises to help readers quickly gain the required knowledge.

by : Sufyan bin Uzayr

2022-01-17 Edition : 1 Length : 273
A Brief History of Motion: From the Wheel to the Car, to What Comes Next

From the bestselling author of A History of the World in 6 Glasses, an eye-opening road trip through 5,500 years of humans on the go, revealing how transportation inevitably shapes civilization.
Tom Standage’s fleet-footed and surprising global histories have delighted readers and cemented his reputation as one of our leading interpreters of technologies past and present. Now, he returns with a provocative account of a sometimes-overlooked form of technology-personal transportation-and explores how it has shaped societies and cultures over millennia.

by : Liam Gerrard, Tantor Audio, Tom Standage

2022-01-15 Edition : 1 Length : 896
The Ophthalmic Assistant: A Text for Allied and Associated Ophthalmic Personnel

Covering all the knowledge and skills needed for everyday duties as well as success on certification and recertification exams, The Ophthalmic Assistant, 11th Edition, is an essential resource for allied health personnel working in ophthalmology, optometry, opticianry, and other eye care settings. Drs. Harold A. Stein, Raymond M. Stein, and Melvin I. Freeman are joined by new editor Dr. Rebecca Stein and several new contributing authors who provide practical, up-to-date guidance on ocular diseases, surgical procedures, medications, and equipment, as well as paramedical procedures and office management for today’s practice.

by : Harold A. Stein MD MSC(Ophth) FRCS(C) DOMS(London), Melvin I. Freeman MD FACS, Raymond M. Stein MD FRCS(C), Rebecca Stein MBCHB

2022-01-14 Edition : 1 Length : 400
Observability Engineering: Achieving Production Excellence

Observability is critical for engineering, managing, and improving complex business-critical systems. Through this process, any software engineering team can gain a deeper understanding of system performance, so you can perform ongoing maintenance and ship the features your customers need. This practical book explains the value of observable systems and shows you how to build an observability-driven development practice.

by : Charity Majors, George Miranda,Charity Majors, George Miranda, Liz Fong-Jones Liz Fong-Jones